Art, love, failure and absurdity

It’s a hot day.  The sun is high and across the banks of the river, where children play, the stagnant water carries the detritus of late-night carousing ever on towards the sea.  I stare at the blank screen before me, but all I can think is that I am too hot to think clearly and perhaps, underlying all that, is … Read More

The imagined village and other stories…

I’ve been very quiet on here of late and it is due mainly to the rather hectic nature of my projects. At present I’m in the seemingly perpetual state of ‘almost finished’ on a number of things. Currently I am going through the extremely mundane task of colour-correcting the latest Shields Of Justice Trailer, which should go live at the … Read More

Updates…Of sorts.

Not been much activity…or at least it would seem that way. Currently approaching the end of several mind boggling projects and am focused on the finish line for the moment. If all goes according to plan, the summer should see the release of Shields Of Justice, as well as my new new novel. Also my band, The Demagogues will emerge … Read More

Boring old update.

Nothing very exciting but since I’ve been a little silent, thought I’d post a little of what has been occupying me of late. Have been working on my latest solo album which is provisionally titled ‘The Peasant’s Songbook’. It’s on slow boil at the moment but expect a preview single at the start of next year. Shields Of Justice Have … Read More

That new book smell…

Copies of my first novels, The Cold Highways Trilogy have turned up today. It’s quite exciting unpacking a big box full of your own work, though it has taken a while to get this far and it’s still a long way from a career. It’s also strange as I’m nearly at the end of my newest novel and I feel … Read More


Some progress reports, as everything seems to be very busy at the moment. Finished the drafting process of my fourth novel last week and have been busy with the Shields Of Justice Website since then. The main content should be done within the next week but we are going to try and get some clips and trailers uploaded before its … Read More

Cold Highways: The Complete Trilogy – Out Now!

Cold Highways I’m happy to announce that my first three novels are finally available in one volume, as a complete paperback. This 6×9 paperback contains all three books – The Dead, Cities And Signs, and Aires Deep.  Standing complete at just under 550 pages. It also features a wonderful cover photograph by Emily Ings, who recently also did the cover … Read More

Cold highways – available for the kindle

The Cold Highways trilogy is soon to be available for the kindle ebook reader. So far Book One; The Dead and Book Two; Cities And Signs are available to download via and book three should be available by the start of next week. Eventually i hope to consolidate it’s release across all digital platforms, but for the moment visit … Read More