Here you’ll find my many projects as well as links to various social media sites etc.

I've been very fortunate to be able to carve out a slightly precarious lifestyle which allows me to embark on many creative pursuits.

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Latest Projects

Cradlemoor is a cinematic multi-layered narrative game, which casts you as Journalist William Marlowe as he journeys to the Dartmoor village of Cradlemoor to investigate a missing film crew.

Cradlemoor features a persistent story across multiple playthroughs and hours of film, files and documents.

Reformation: A Ghost Story

Novella out now!

What makes a ghost a ghost? Is it not letting go? Is it not being able to forget? I wonder whether it’s the ghost that haunts the place, or instead whether it’s the ghost itself that’s haunted, inhabited by whatever memories or events that bind them. A manifestation of regret, of pain. I can think of nothing worse. If death isn’t the end, if all the drink in the world can’t make us forget, then what am I supposed to do? What does that make me? A mansion full of memories, each one dark and malevolent.
I am haunted by countless spirits, and I don’t just mean the ones from a bottle.

Reformation is a short Novella exploring what it means for a place to become haunted, and what causes these ghosts to remain fixed upon this earth.

Neon Paradise

Music video by Ben Tallamy for his psychedelic glam-rock band RamEagle

The Peasant's Songbook

My second solo album is out now, 14 tracks spanning a multitude of genres, all themed around love, life, death and taxes.

The Peasant’s Songbook is out now, to stream or if you wish to support me as an artist - to purchase on all good digital platforms. 
Or you can purchase a physical CD in a  jewel case with a glorious full colour 8 page booklet for £13 (+P&P)