Benjamin Akira Tallamy is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Devon. Primarily a guitarist and flautist, Ben has also appeared on recordings playing violin, ukulele, mandolin and clarinet.  He currently fronts indie band Catherine And The Owl and folk-trio The Demagogues.

He has worked with artists such as  Jim Causley, Martin Carthy and Jackie Oates.  In 2012 he opened The Imagined Village‘s ‘Bending The Dark’ UK tour by singing a duet with Eliza Carthy on Cold Haily, Rainy Night.

Ben has composed music for film and theatre, most recently receiving a nomination for best short film score at Southampton international film festival for his work on Portent.

In 2019 production completed on All That Remains, a short film set entirely at sea. It is currently avalable to watch online under the ‘films’ tab.

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