Cinematographer/Director Of photography

Currently in post-production, Tempest is a 25 minute short, retelling of Shakespeare's Tempest.

Shot with natural light over 3 days, the film tells of the fated final days of some shipwrecked sailors.

Proud To Be

Proud To Be is a co-created community film about pride of place, funded with the support of the Creative Arc Programme, an initiative funded by the University of Exeter, Exeter City Council and the UK government through the Shared Prosperity Fund.

This 20 minute documentary was produced by Lightbear Lane and made by Ben Tallamy

Transmedia Storytelling
Little Red Riding Hood

Created for Exeter Northcott Theatre, this project created films, radio plays and images as an eductational resource, teaching the different ways media can be used for visual story-telling

Doctor Dracula promo
with Professor Nick Groom

These films were made as part of the developmental research for Doctor Dracula.
In them, Professor Nick Groom (the prof of goth) takes us through the history of vampires.

Christie In Love

This trailer was made to promote Substance and Shadow Theatre's performance of Christie in Love by Howard Brenton.

The play is an exploration into the botched investigation of the serial killer Reginald Christie

The Killer Set

This music video was made for the 'Slaughterhouse Blues'. band The Wattingers.

It features a very early incarnation of the band.