Wandering Tiger

An Audience with a Ghost Hunter

Wandering Tiger -2023

St Nicholas Priory became home to countless spooks and spectres as the audince were guided on a chilling tour of the building as parapsychologist Robin Knapman attempted to find truth behind the haunting.

Photos by Ben tallamy

The Magnificent Mysto

Wandering Tiger -2018

The Magnificent Mysto transformed St Nicholas Priory in to a magicians treasure box as the audience went in search of a lost magician.

The show featured a wide range of magic tricks and special effects, assisted by the wisdom and experience of Peter Clifford.

Photos by Ben Tallamy


Wandering Tiger -2017 onwards

This quirky re-telling of A Christmas Carol has occupied St Nicloas Priory in Exeter every Christmas (minus the Covid years) and is now Exeter's longest running Christmas show, selling out months in advance.

The show transforms the entire building with the cast of three, carrying the performance expertly to it's conclusion.

Photos by Ben Tallamy