Ben's films


Cradlemoor is a cinematic multi-layered narrative game, which casts you as Journalist William Marlowe as he journeys to the Dartmoor village of Cradlemoor to investigate a missing film crew. Cradlemoor features a persistent story across multiple playthroughs and hours of film, files and documents.

Neon Paradise

The official video for the second single from Rameagle.

Video by: Benjamin Akira Tallamy

Shopkeeper: Charlie Coldfield

Record Collector : Tom Cox

Guest hand appearance: Richard Feltham

Special thanks to: Rooster records St Nicolas Priory Doobz Industries Little Keef

A Campfire Tale

A campfire Tale is a short western, made in Devon for a budget of £150.

Written and scored by Ben

By Twilight You'll Find Them

This video was made during the Covid-19 lockdown. It was written and recorded in isolation. The video was shot in a single room on a small pop-up green-screen.

All That Remains

All That Remains is an original short film, written and directed by Benjamin Akira Tallamy and produced by Christopher Williams as part under Oddhaunts Films.

This fifteen minute film follows a lone mariners journey and attempt to escape his past.

The film was shot almost entirely on open water over four days.

To You, We Surrender

To You, We Surrender is Ben's 6th studio single.

Music, concept and planning by Benjamin Akira Tallamy

Davro's Inferno

A short film made for the Exeter Phoenix 48hr film competition in 2015.

The whole film was conceived and produced in 48hrs with a small cast/crew of three.

The Teignmouth Electron

The Teignmouth Electron is a music video filmed entirely by myself from inside a small room.

You can read about the story behind the song, as well as the process of writing, recording and filming the track on my Substack.

Shields Of Justice

Infamously unreleased by notoriously finished.

Shields of Justice is a feature-length action comedy, presented as a piece of lost media from 1978.

The film runs at approx 105 minutes.