The imagined village and other stories…

I’ve been very quiet on here of late and it is due mainly to the rather hectic nature of my projects. At present I’m in the seemingly perpetual state of ‘almost finished’ on a number of things.

Currently I am going through the extremely mundane task of colour-correcting the latest Shields Of Justice Trailer, which should go live at the end of the year.

That’s right! Shields even features a desert scene!

As projects go, Shields Of Justice has been a biggie, draining hundreds, maybe even thousands of man hours.  We should hopefully wrap shooting in the next month or so and with the rough cut already complete, there will no doubt be many hours of colour-correction and foley work ahead…

On top of Shields, the other major projects I have been focusing on, are my book and album.

The Peasant’s Songbook, is a thirteen track studio album featuring songs centred around poverty and hardship – two particularly entertaining subjects in my opinion. The album is planned for a late spring release, though planning is often a fool’s errand on these things. The quality of production is tenfold improved over The Melody Of Distaste.  The album will be a follow-up to my single Prince Of The Holy Sacrament, though this track will remain exclusive and not be featured on the album.

My follow-up to Cold Highways, is currently being editing after completing the drafting process this year.  Centring around a family living in depression-era America, it thematically flanks my album in some ways.  It’s a fairly intense work if i do say so myself, dealing with themes love, morality and the burden of choice.
It’s original title ‘War Of Ages’, will no doubt change before completion. I was always on the fence about it, as the title could potentially seem misleading.  However, I’ve recently learnt that a metal band has the same name, so I’ll try and come up with something more original in good time.

So, what adventures have I been up to since my last posting? Well, in the world of Shields, there have been many as we churned our way through the rather exciting Vietnam War Sequence.

The Bionic Badass – Vladamir Khlor from Shields of Justice.

We also have had a few radio spots as well as a video interview for Devon and Cornwall film:

I myself have also been doing the rounds, musically speaking. I did a solo spot on the regional BBC radio, as well as several local stations such as Phonic and Riviera FM.

One of the more exciting happenings this year was where i was given the opportunity to play with The Imagined village. I must admit, I have rarely been so nervous, but the band were a  lovely bunch and it was an extreme pleasure to meet them all. It was  amazing to sit in on a rehearsal and hear some of their new songs live.

All in all 2012, has been a fun and exciting year. I’m about ready to be done with some of these projects though. I am especially keen to try and find the time to concentrate on some more musical endeavours.

Anyway, as always, check out my website and do chime in to follow me on facebook and twitter for less stilted updates!

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