And Let My Cry
Come Unto Thee

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Everyone in town said Abel’s father had changed and it was true. His heart had been chipped away, eroded by loss and stolen by the poverty and drought that had killed this land.

For Abel and his younger brother, each night unlocks fresh mystery. Who is the stranger they’ve seen out in the valley? And where is it their father goes each night, rifle in hand, under cover of darkness?

To answer these questions they will have to follow him out into the wilderness – away from their childhood home and into the shadowy arms of a world where love and kinship have murderous consequences.

Set in the mid-1930s, And Let My Cry Come Unto Thee is an atmospheric exploration of morality, justice and hope, following the lives of two brothers growing up in the desolate landscape of depression-era America.

Cold Highways

Together in one volume, as it was originally intended; Cold Highways: The Complete Trilogy features all three novels: The Dead, Cities and Signs, and Aires Deep. Complete in a single 536 page volume.

It has been ten years since the accident that claimed Tristen’s life and now, trapped in a barren wasteland known only as the Plateaus, he believes he has unwillingly stumbled into the far reaches of hell.  With the help of his friend Garrett and a stranger known as the Tracer, Tristen must embark on a journey to escape the prison they call death.