Boring old update.

Nothing very exciting but since I’ve been a little silent, thought I’d post a little of what has been occupying me of late.

Have been working on my latest solo album which is provisionally titled ‘The Peasant’s Songbook’. It’s on slow boil at the moment but expect a preview single at the start of next year.

Shields Of Justice

Have also been working towards finishing Shields Of Justice – met today with some lovely people at Ashcombe Paintball site – who have graciously offered us use of their land for our fabled ‘Vietnam Sequence’.

My second novel (or fourth if you count Cold Highways as three books) is nearing the end of its final draft, which is exciting.

Also on a rather exciting note, my folk band ‘The Demagogues’ is readying to unleash itself on the world at last, with work going into web trickery and recording at the moment.

I’m also working on a couple of secret projects, which will be revealed soon.

Until then, watch this space…

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