Updates…Of sorts.

Not been much activity…or at least it would seem that way.

Currently approaching the end of several mind boggling projects and am focused on the finish line for the moment.

If all goes according to plan, the summer should see the release of Shields Of Justice, as well as my new new novel.

Also my band, The Demagogues will emerge at last, tackling folk music in its unique way.

I’m also currently trying to work on my new album but along with everything else, I’m making sure not to rush it.

Temptation is to record my twenty minute version of ‘The Cruel Sister’ and release it as a stop-gap single.

Anyway, as always, check out my website at www.bentallamy.com to see my other projects.

I’ve also been uploading some demo’s of old tracks on Soundcloud and will probably preview some of my new songs there soon:

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