A Campfire Tale is an original short film, written by Benjamin Akira Tallamy and directed by Ben Tallamy and Ted Hutchings.


A Covid-19 project, all content was produced and created in a single room.


All That Remains is an original short film, written and directed by Benjamin Akira Tallamy and produced by Oddhaunts Films.

It follows a largely silent protagonist’s journey to escape a single event in his past which has led him to abandon his life on land.

The film has been made available to watch during Covd-19 lockdown:


To You, We Surrender

First Assistant Director – Benjamin Akira Tallamy

Rosie Dean doesn’t look like a typical Morris dancer, but something about her local group has drawn her in to the extent that she has cut off all contact with her friends and family. Quirky British pastime or sinister secret society? Hell’s Bells exposes the dark underbelly of this ancient folk tradition.

Made with the support of Creative England via the BFI NET.WORK.


Script Supervisor Assistant – Benjamin Akira Tallamy

Amy thinks the biggest problem she has to face is that her boyfriend is bored of living in a quiet seaside town and wants to move to London.

But when her friends begin disappearing during the preparations for the annual Scareycrow Celebrations she suspects there is a connection with the mysterious accident that left a local girl close to death the year before.

Soon she begins to suspect that her boyfriend is hiding a dark secret but she still has no idea that the town is about to be overrun by homicidal Scareycrows.


The Teignmouth Electron

Shields of Justice

The Killer Set