Art, love, failure and absurdity

It’s a hot day.  The sun is high and across the banks of the river, where children play, the stagnant water carries the detritus of late-night carousing ever on towards the sea.  I stare at the blank screen before me, but all I can think is that I am too hot to think clearly and perhaps, underlying all that, is … Read More

more updates on the ol website

slowly getting things sorted with the new website etc. bit of a drag really but am currently also trying to sort out a way for people to purchase physical copies of my CDs and Books. This year’s goal is to try and turn a profit. not sure how that is going to work but trying to figure it out as … Read More

The drag of knuckles, the grind of old bones.

This is a blog. I’m not entirely sure what a blog is, but this is one, or at least that’s what i’ve been led to believe. Due to my general incompetance at web moderating, my intention is to use this blog as an outlet for any necessary ‘blogging’ i may need to do through my official site ( Seeing as … Read More