Substance & Shadow Theatre’s ‘Christie In Love’ by Howard Brenton

I was approached by the wonderfully talented Midge and Rosie Mullin of Exeter’s Substance & Shadow Theatre to produce a trailer for their upcoming production of Howard Brenton’s Christie In Love. I wasn’t familiar with the play but I knew of the titular character, having seen the haunting film 10 Rillington Place, many years ago – a brilliantly made dramatisation … Read More

Playing with Long Exposures

Here’s a few pictures I took with my friend Mike, experimenting with long exposures. These pictures were taken long after sunset with the shutter being held open for around 20-30 seconds. If you like these works or wish to use them – please ask me. I wouldn’t call myself a photographer but they are my intellectual property. Mike at the … Read More

Photographs by Benjamin Akira Tallamy

Here’s a small selection of photographs I took whilst wandering Devon – I’ve tried to give them the most mundane titles I could think of. Grey Squirrel by Benjamin Akira Tallamy Frog by Benjamin Akira Tallamy Spider by Benjamin Akira Tallamy Bee by Benjamin Akira Tallamy Sunset On Chudleigh Rock by Benjamin Akira Tallamy Mushroom by Benjamin Akira Tallamy