Other Illustrations…

Whilst digging around on my computer I found a couple of other drawings that I had done ages ago. Neither of which have been shared with that many people. The first is a drawing I did for Catherine And The Owl. I seem to remember doing this for the poster to our first gig. I coloured it in just to … Read More

The Coffin Collector’s Album Cover.

Just thought I’d plug a little bit of work I did earlier in the year when I was asked to illustrate the cover of The Coffin Collector’s album; Leopardskin Tales. Kaligula was very specific about the content of the illustration and so the layout and content of the artwork was as he requested – each image referring to a track … Read More

old news/new news – the Catherine and the Owl ep design

Since there is very little in the way of images for the By your hand, I am spared EP, I thought it’s about time they appear somewhere. I don’t tend to mention my graphics work too much, but I’m a bit of a dab hand in the old photoshop. I can’t take credit for the original Cato logo though, that … Read More