Aled Jones Did Not Sing On The Snowman

Being the start of the Christmas Season, I thought I’d add my single: Christmas Is A Sham (Elegy For Aled Jones) to the blog roll. The track is available on iTunes It was of course sung by Peter Auty.Recorded in 2010, this single is perhaps the only festive lamentation for the popular misconception that Aled Jones sang on The Snowman. … Read More

The Coffin Collector’s Album Cover.

Just thought I’d plug a little bit of work I did earlier in the year when I was asked to illustrate the cover of The Coffin Collector’s album; Leopardskin Tales. Kaligula was very specific about the content of the illustration and so the layout and content of the artwork was as he requested – each image referring to a track … Read More


Some progress reports, as everything seems to be very busy at the moment. Finished the drafting process of my fourth novel last week and have been busy with the Shields Of Justice Website since then. The main content should be done within the next week but we are going to try and get some clips and trailers uploaded before its … Read More

old news/new news – the Catherine and the Owl ep design

Since there is very little in the way of images for the By your hand, I am spared EP, I thought it’s about time they appear somewhere. I don’t tend to mention my graphics work too much, but I’m a bit of a dab hand in the old photoshop. I can’t take credit for the original Cato logo though, that … Read More

Clumsy updates

slowly updating and getting to grips with too. My skills are so limited as a web designer that it is more of a Frankenstien’s monster type of creation – slowly attatching useless bits of code before clumsily hacking them off again. Hopefully soon it will give some semblance to a proper, normal website. if i could, i’d get … Read More