Substance & Shadow Theatre’s ‘Christie In Love’ by Howard Brenton

I was approached by the wonderfully talented Midge and Rosie Mullin of Exeter’s Substance & Shadow Theatre to produce a trailer for their upcoming production of Howard Brenton’s Christie In Love. I wasn’t familiar with the play but I knew of the titular character, having seen the haunting film 10 Rillington Place, many years ago – a brilliantly made dramatisation … Read More

The Demagogues – Cocaine Blues

Cocaine Blues – The Demagogues Single is available from iTunes and all good digital retailers     Here’s a video for my band The Demagogues single ‘Cocaine Blues’  -I wrote this arrangement based around the traditional song Bad Lee Brown or Little Sadie. It’s a popular song and the most famous version is probably Cocaine Blues by Johnny Cash.  Though … Read More

The imagined village and other stories…

I’ve been very quiet on here of late and it is due mainly to the rather hectic nature of my projects. At present I’m in the seemingly perpetual state of ‘almost finished’ on a number of things. Currently I am going through the extremely mundane task of colour-correcting the latest Shields Of Justice Trailer, which should go live at the … Read More

Featurettes… Of Justice.

The last few months have been pretty frantic as Shields Of Justice has taken over my life. We’ve just finished the first of several shoots for our Vietnam sequence and are lining up the last few shoots that will wrap the project. One thing we have just put out though is a duo of mini featurettes – basically to identify … Read More

Boring old update.

Nothing very exciting but since I’ve been a little silent, thought I’d post a little of what has been occupying me of late. Have been working on my latest solo album which is provisionally titled ‘The Peasant’s Songbook’. It’s on slow boil at the moment but expect a preview single at the start of next year. Shields Of Justice Have … Read More

Shields Of Justice Teaser Trailer

The Shields Of Justice teaser trailer is finally up! Whack on some headphones to get the most out of those sexy low frequencies. YouTube is a strange beasty so a higher def vid will probably go up on Vimeo once we sort it – the compression on here seemed to swallow any colour correction that was done. Special thanks to … Read More

Prop Building For Paupers…

Just a quick link to another blog I’m involved in. As part of the Shields Of Justice project, we are slowly updating step-by-step builds of the props used in the film. Shield Of Justice There are also numerous posts about costume and sets, so please, have a gander. Shields Of Justice Prop Builds


Some progress reports, as everything seems to be very busy at the moment. Finished the drafting process of my fourth novel last week and have been busy with the Shields Of Justice Website since then. The main content should be done within the next week but we are going to try and get some clips and trailers uploaded before its … Read More

The Wattingers – Killer Set

Just thought I’d share a link for a video i was involved in the making of. This is from the fantastic band; ‘The Wattingers.’ Check it out! We shot at the end of last year in a fabulous set Martin had constructed in his garage. For more information on the band, check out: Wattingers official site.

Clumsy updates

slowly updating and getting to grips with too. My skills are so limited as a web designer that it is more of a Frankenstien’s monster type of creation – slowly attatching useless bits of code before clumsily hacking them off again. Hopefully soon it will give some semblance to a proper, normal website. if i could, i’d get … Read More

Shields of justice

Met with the wonderful Tom Drewitt today with my good friend Tom to discuss the soundtrack to shields. Afterwards we completed the rough edit of the Ballroom sequence from the film and had a look at the Patriot Park footage we shot at Powderham castle late last year.  Entertaining cut of Jonts taking a truncheon to the bauble. Currently trying … Read More