Other Illustrations…

Whilst digging around on my computer I found a couple of other drawings that I had done ages ago.

Neither of which have been shared with that many people.

The first is a drawing I did for Catherine And The Owl. I seem to remember doing this for the poster to our first gig.

I coloured it in just to see how it would look. Clearly inspired by Edward Lear (though he could draw better).

Ben Tallamy’s original Cato illustration

The second Illustration is from some bizarre comic I was drawing called, ‘The Billy Corgon Story’.

I can’t quite remember why, but I know it used to annoy my friend Tim when I claimed the back of the Melon Collie album was a picture of Billy’s bald head slipping beneath the clouds.

Not sure where I was going with this, but I do know that the story involved Billy getting on a ship bound for WW2 that was captained by the infamous ‘headless Jack’.
After three years at sea, Billy discovered ‘Headless Jack’ was in fact a decapitated corpse and that he had been sailing in circles off the coast of Ireland.

I probably shouldn’t be allowed so much free time…

The Billy Corgon Story

Well there you are, hope you enjoy.

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