Aled Jones Did Not Sing On The Snowman

Being the start of the Christmas Season, I thought I’d add my single: Christmas Is A Sham (Elegy For Aled Jones) to the blog roll.

It was of course sung by Peter Auty.Recorded in 2010, this single is perhaps the only festive lamentation for the popular misconception that Aled Jones sang on The Snowman.

Here is the official video:



The track is available on iTunes 

And for those who wish to sing along:
It’s Christmas
Very merry, merry Christmas,
It’s Christmas
Though I wrote this in September
I’m so happy, I could just lie down and cry,
It’s Christmas
Very merry, merry Christmas,
It’s Christmas
I’m so very ecstatic at the prospect that,
I will now drink myself into the joy of alcoholic coma,
The great escape is on TV,
Oh my lord, we’re just oh so very happy.
Thank you for Christmas, we are going to celebrate,
By spending money that we don’t have, on things that we don’t need,
Just like it says in the bible.
God is good, god is great,
But lock your doors and say your prayers,
Steel thyself for a shock,
For last night I learnt a terrible thing,
Aled Jones did not sing in the snowman,
He just sang it on the album,
And if this is a lie, then what else is a lie,
And if this is not true, then nothing is true,
Christmas is a sham,
Aled Jones thou art a liar,
You believe in god and yet you lie,
I want all the children to awake on Christmas day and sing,
Aled Jones, thou art a liar,
Aled Jones, you lied to me as a child (when you were but a child)
Aled Jones, thou art a liar,
Aled Jones, you lied to me from the past whilst you were still but a child,
But in the spirit of Christmas,
And in the likeness of our lord,
I’d just like to say,
I forgive you,
And if I can forgive you Aled, probably god might too,
I forgive you,
And if I can forgive you maybe so will the other guy, who isn’t as famous as you,
Aled, thou art forgiven.
Merry Christmas Everyone!
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3 Comments on “Aled Jones Did Not Sing On The Snowman”

  1. Aled Jones has not lied; he has said time and again on the radio that it was not him singing in the film.

    And in writing: his first autobiography (1986) says: "Christmas Eve arrived (1985) and the animated film of The Snowman was shown on Channel 4, though since it was made in 1882 it was not Aled singing the song "Walking in the Air" as many TV reviwers mistakenly thought, but Peter Auty, who had originally recorded the song and was a chorister in St Paul's Cathedral at the time"

    And his second autobiography (2005) – re his recording at the request of the "Toys 'R' Us" advertising agency, "The track, "Walking in the Air" which was first recorded in 1982 by another chorister Peter Auty….."

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